Referral Program

Refer your friends! Become a Daysy Ambassador or Affiliate!

We’re sure you have chosen to use Daysy because you care about your body, your health, and the environment.  We also love what we do, and spreading the word to women across the country, and would be thrilled to have you join us in sharing the amazing benefits of Daysy!



Refer a friend!

Anyone! Share your experiences with friends, family, everyone you meet, and get rewarded.

How does the friend program work?

It’s simple. Sign up using the link below. Grab your unique URL and share, share, share!  For every friend you refer that purchases a Daysy through your referral link, you will earn a $10 bonus and your friend also receives a $10 rebate. Each of you will receive an email alerting you that you have received a bonus. Log in to your account, watch the revenue build, and request payout at any time.


Share your experiences with friends and family now – Click here to register!


Affiliates & Ambassadors

Who can be a Daysy Affiliate and Ambassador?

Our Daysy Affiliate and Ambassador program is open to those who are actively involved in the women’s health and wellness space in the USA. Examples include, but may not be limited to, medical professionals, pharmacies, bloggers, influencers, etc., who have a website, blog, or other media with content focused on women’s health and wellness.

How does the Affiliate and Ambassador program work?

Follow the link below to fill out a brief application. The application should take only a few moments and should be self-explanatory, except that when you come to the "VAT" option please choose the first one "personal, exclusive of VAT." Once your application is approved, you will be able to access a variety of text links, HTML, and banner ads to place on your site. Your referrals will receive an automatic $20 discount, and you receive a commission.


Become a Daysy Affiliate now – Click here to register!



Referral bonuses are paid only for orders if your friend has purchased through your link and has not entered any other discount offers. If your friend adds another valid discount code in the order process, it will be assigned to this promotion and your bonus expires.

Please register for our Ambassador program only if you already have a Daysy and would like to refer your friends. Bonuses earned are not valid if your referral link is sent to yourself for purchase.

Revenue through the Ambassador or Affiliate programs must be indicated on your tax return if you meet or exceed the legal threshold, as it represents an income which is taxable. This is your responsibility.

Please note that our customer service department is still responsible for all customer support, and you can refer to us if you have any questions about Daysy.

Please use only information material provided by us. If you would like to assemble or manufacture information material yourself, please clarify with us in advance whether the material is within the scope of the legal requirements.