Reliable family planning without hormones

99.4 percent safety thanks to a unique combination of fertility tracker and smartphone app that is unique worldwide


There is a trend towards hormone-free family planning and “Femtech”, but safety needs to come first! A new study by Valley Electronics AG and the University Women's Clinic Erlangen now proves: when used to preventing pregnancies, women can rely on the combination of a fertility tracker and an app for smartphones to 99.4 percent.

Many women want to avoid hormonal contraception and choose hormone-free methods of family planning instead. In the era of smartphones, many use mobile apps to check their fertility status. However, gynaecologists warn of the use of these “fertility apps,” as they are not at all safe when used without additional means.

One reliable alternative are fertility trackers. They record, save and analyse changes in the female cycle in order to quickly, simply and safely display fertile and infertile days. The fertility tracker Daysy by the Swiss medical technology company Valley Electronics AG, can be used on its own or – as the only fertility tracker worldwide – in combination with an app. This makes Daysy especially reliable and user-friendly. A new study by Valley Electronics AG and the University Women's Clinic Erlangen has now shown that the combination of a fertility tracker and the optional app helps users to distinguish fertile from infertile days with 99.4 percent safety.


Certified, quick and easy

Daysy is a medical product certified according to ISO 13485:2016; ISO 14971 and very easy to use. Every morning after waking up it measures the temperature underneath the tongue (basal temperature), records it and directly displays to the user whether she is having a fertile or an infertile day. The respective fertility status is displayed via small LEDs. With the app DaysyView, users can transfer their recorded data onto smartphones or tablets. On the app, the individual cycle calendar, temperature curves, statistics and prognoses are displayed. In addition, it makes it possible to share these with a partner or with healthcare professionals.


Safety proven in clinical study

An independent clinical study has already shown that the algorithm used by Daysy displays fertile and infertile days with a 99,3 percent safety. Valley Electronics AG and the University Women's Clinic Erlangen have now studied whether this value can be increased through the additional use of an app for smartphones. The main research question was whether the optional use of a mobile app raises interest and acceptance among users and thereby also the reliability of the fertility tracker.

For the retrospective study, a total of 6278 Daysy users worldwide were contacted via email. The participants were asked to answer questions about their individual cycle, their experience with contraception, pregnancy, family planning and the use and acceptance of the app. According to Dr. med. Martin C. Koch, the principal author of the study, “combining the fertility tracker with the app has again improved the safety with which pregnancies are prevented to 99.4 %“.

“The study shows that the additional use of the app improves the application, the understanding and the proper handling of the fertility tracker,” explains Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Renner, the director of the study. “Thereby the combination of a fertility tracker and an app provides for greater awareness of their cycle and more involvement in the use of the fertility tracker among users.“ Displaying the cycle on the app thus helps women who use Daysy in getting to know their body and cycle better. This body awareness in turn has a positive effect on the use and therefore also the safety of the fertility tracker.


Daysy Clinical Study 2018.pdf (937.4 KB)

Commentary on the content and background of the independent clinical study.pdf (109.8 KB)