Vision & Mission

The background and why Daysy is so important to us

Behind Daysy is a large team that works every day to make Daysy better. Why we stand up for women and their health and what is behind the development of Daysy we have set out in our vision and mission.

Our Mission

Daysy is the most accurate, all-natural method of fertility tracking, allowing women to detect their fertile window easily, quickly, and accurately. Track your cycle and be in charge. 

Our mission is to provide women with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed and powerful choices about their menstrual cycle, their fertility, and their body. Your body. Your cycle. Your choice.

We support women who want to be in control of their own body and fertility. We provide intelligent technology for fertility tracking  that is both effective and empowering. We provide smart and easy-to-use technology  both standalone and smartphone compatible devices - in the field of fertility awareness and body literacy.

Our key messages - Daysy is ...

... the most effective, science-supported method of fertility tracking that allows women to calculate their fertile window easily, simply, and accurately.

... an empowering tool for both body and menstrual cycle literacy, improving women’s health, wellness, self-knowledge and self-confidence.

... fertility technology that meets women where they’re at - based on accurate data, simply presented.

... a fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method to track and learn your menstrual cycle using basal body temperature data.

... a high-tech computer that tells you on which days of your unique cycle you are fertile and on which days you are not.

... the only scientifically proven fertility monitor, backed by 30 years of research.

... the only fertility tracker that can be used in combination with an App which provides a woman (and her partner) with a greater understanding of her menstrual cycle, so she is able to track her cyclic nature, moods and have a better understanding of her own body.

Our core values

  • Women planning a pregnancy deserve empowering tools that allow for full engagement in the conception journey.
  • Menstrual cycle awareness is a key contributor to women gaining knowledge and personal power.
  • Fertility tracking should not be difficult, time-consuming, or stressful for women.
  • Natural, side effect-free solutions to fertility tracking should be simple and easy enough to be accessible to all women who want them, regardless of lifestyle.
  • Woman-centric fertility technology provides an opportunity for body literacy, leading to improved health, wellness and self-confidence.
  • Women should have the support they need to feel in control of their bodies and their fertility via intelligent technology matched with education


Daysy is a fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method by learning and tracking your menstrual cycle.