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Find answers to questions about fertility and women's health related topics

The Daysy Basal Thermometer system was created to put women in touch with their fertility cycles. We have devoted this whole section to a comprehensive guide and knowledge center for you to find answers to questions about fertility as well as women’s health related topics.

The whole point of using natural family planning methods like a basal thermometer is to help you and your partner get back into touch with your body. Achieve your family planning goals by increasing your knowledge about your body and utilizing the fertility awareness method. By using Daysy Basal Thermometer to plan and analyze the ebb and flow of your fertility cycle, you and your partner can effectively increase chances for conceiving or avoid pregnancy without traditional forms of contraception that can derail your hormonal cycle and cause any number of side effects.

When you first switch from hormonal contraceptives to a device like the Daysy basal thermometer, it’s likely that you will experience side effects as your hormonal balance starts to level out to its natural levels. We here at Daysy have provided this guide to allow you to educate yourself on the intricate workings of the female reproductive cycle. We feel that knowledge is power, and is an important part of your family planning-- no matter the goals that you and your partner have.

The more you know, the more you can make intimacy a relaxed, special time with your partner. One that doesn’t require you to throw off the natural systems of your reproductive cycle to avoid surprises and lacks the complexity that other natural family planning methods require.

Find answers to all of your questions about fertility and women's health related topics here.

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