Valley Electronics AG: A family business for the benefit of women

With its product Daysy, the in Switzerland based Valley Electronics AG has developed a medically certified device that focuses on the women's cycle and makes it possible to learn more about the female body. The Swiss family company, which Natalie Rechberg heads as managing director and founder, works closely with its sister company Valley Electronics GmbH in Germany, which has been manufacturing and selling internationally renowned fertility trackers such as Lady-Comp and Baby-Comp for over 30 years. Both companies have specialized in their field of activity on the women's cycle and have set worldwide standards in fertility analysis and family planning. It is their concern to offer women a hormone-free and safe alternative to deal with their own bodies and fertility in a natural and self-determined way.

The three fertility trackers Lady-Comp, Baby-Comp and Pearly are among the products that have made life easier and healthier for countless women around the world for many years. All of the fertility trackers from Valley Electronics combine many years of experience, research and study results as well as intensive cooperation with gynecologists, fertility experts, engineers and software developers to guarantee the highest quality and safety.

Daysy: The latest product of the Swiss Valley Electronics AG

This series is now joined by Daysy, a new-generation fertility tracker developed by Natalie Rechberg, the daughter of Dr. Hubertus Rechberg (inventor of Lady-Comp). In combination with the app DaysyView, fertility tracker Daysy opens up unprecedented possibilities to expand one’s knowledge of one's own cycle and the female body - according to the motto: Know your body. Know your cycle. Know yourself.

With the latest invention of the Swiss Valley Electronics AG, the creator of Daysy aims to offer a reliable and simple alternative for women who want to experience their cycle and body consciously - be it for family planning or a deeper knowledge in harmony with female nature.

Another point that plays an essential role for all activities and decisions at Valley Electronics AG is the quality of the products. Only the best is good enough here. All fertility trackers are manufactured exclusively in Germany. In addition, only high-quality materials are used, which gives the Valley Electronics trackers a long service life.

Fertility tracker Daysy: Developed by women for women

This innovative company relies on strong women who attach great importance to a modern, balanced relationship between work, sexual self-determination and family. Their mission is to provide other women with natural access to their bodies with the help of Daysy. They themselves know only too well that the often stressful world of women, who juggle and balance a family and a career, is no longer compatible with traditional methods of family planning. Therefore, something was needed that would make family planning simple and reliable.

In order to remedy this situation and enable women to experience their cycle and physicality in a natural and conscious way, Natalie Rechberg developed Daysy. Daysy records your fertility quickly, safely and easily, analyzes it and shows you the current phase of the cycle. In addition, Daysy can also become a valuable tracking tool when you are planning pregnancy or if irregularities are noticeable. In this case, the information collected by Daysy can be easily shared with your doctor or, if you want to have a baby, with your loved one via the partner app. Thus, Daysy is much more than just a simple fertility tracker!

For the founder and her staff, Daysy is a natural part of their everyday life. Natalie Rechberg has made her company both women- and family-friendly, which gives everyone enough flexibility for work and family. The wealth of experience of the Daysy team comes into play in the further development and consulting, where all members of the team, including the managing director, are available as experts for their customers. Personal contact and the highest quality of service as well as respect and understanding for each other are paramount.

Always one step ahead with Daysy: Knowing what women want

As a representative of a new generation of women, Natalie Rechberg felt it was an obvious choice to combine the experience and research on the female cycle from more than 30 years with the possibilities of technological advancement to make family planning simple and reliable. Daysy is a fertility tracker that meets the zeitgeist – and the desire of women to be in natural harmony with their bodies.

By means of temperature measurements, a woman can now quickly recognize whether she is currently in a fertile or infertile phase and whether a contraceptive barrier method is necessary. [1] Higher consciousness and self-determination about one's own body are at the heart of the Daysy team's work.

Together with her team, Natalie Rechberg developed exactly what they always wanted to have with the app DaysyView: They began with a simple system that makes the current cycle phases visible at a glance. The app DaysyView also allows you to share your cycle history and other information such as notes with your partner or doctor, who can read additional parameters for diagnostic purposes. It also allows you to view the fertility status by day, week, and month as well as your own temperature curve over longer periods of time. The cooperation of Valley Electronics AG with the University Hospital Erlangen and other experts in fertility, research, and latest technology promise to make it easier for women to plan their families and maintain a healthy relationship with their own bodies in a natural and simple way.


[1] Important: Daysy can be used as a fertility tracker for pregnancy planning. To avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, the use of condoms is necessary.


Daysy is a fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method by learning and tracking your menstrual cycle.