The Daysy Team

Our_Team.jpegThe USA and German team in Munich at the Oktoberfest.

Who are we?

Together with our users and for more than 40 years, we are the Daysy Team. We are moms, dads, customer support, developers, scientists, doctors and so much more than that. We are all united by the passion to enable women to understand what their body is already telling them.                  

What do we do?

We design and develop reliable and non-invasive med-tech that uses nature only to track fertility signs based on your existing hormone levels and send direct, digital communication that talks to your mobile verifying your ongoing fertility status.             

How do we do this?

We apply over four decades of expertise, conscious innovation and cutting edge electronics to continuously optimize and develop devices that genuinely serve women, and that they can trust. This enables  the unique translation of the body’s existing data and makes fertility tracking the new, effortless normal.


LC_Ladies.jpegTwo employees around 1990s assembling fertility trackers.


The heartbeat of our DNA.

To lead on the development of purposeful, innovative and intelligent fertility trackers - employing an ethical, woman-centric approach that delivers honest and accurate information for action taking. Supporting you and your best life.


What it’s driving us to do.

To serve millions of women to learn, connect and trust their body intelligence - using this unique, best in class data as source, to enable accurate fertility tracking and empowered living.


How we see the future.

We believe, respect and rely on the body’s natural rhythms as the best teacher and guide. We see a world where this trust and body connection is rebuilt and embraced; Using tomorrow’s innovation and med-tech to positively enable and inform every woman to live her life, with her agency, for her future.

About Valley Electronics

Valley Electronics AG is an international research-based medical technology company with a long track record of developing and distributing fertility trackers. Located in Switzerland, Germany, and the USA, Valley Electronics, together with its affiliated companies, is active in more than 40 countries. With its products Daysy and Lady-Comp, the company offers the highest possible reliability, well-engineered technology, and a wealth of experience. All Valley Electronics products are manufactured in Germany. Valley Electronics is run by Natalie Rechberg-Egly, the daughter of Dr. Hubertus Rechberg, who founded Valley Electronics GmbH, more than 40  years ago.

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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.