When do you ovulate

When do I ovulate? Calculate it simple, comfortable and fast!

You want to become pregnant and are looking for a possibility to quickly and precisely determine when you are ovulating? Daysy does the math for you and helps you to determine ovulation!

When do women ovulate and why is it important? It is useful to know when you ovulate because many women who want to become pregnant find themselves struggling and disappointed after a couple of months of trying. In most cases, however, no physical reasons are keeping them from getting pregnant. It is a fact that you can only become pregnant during only a few days of your cycle. These are the day of your ovulation and a couple of days prior to it. The egg itself can only be fertilised during an interval of about 12 to 18 hours, which is why on the day after ovulation, the chance has passed for this cycle. During the days prior to your ovulation you are also fertile, because sperm can wait for the egg for a couple of days. So once you notice you are ovulating, it is already too late to make optimal use of your fertile days. If you can, however, know in advance when you ovulate, you will know your fertile window and increase your chances for a pregnancy.

When do I ovulate?

When do you ovulate? Daysy tells you!

In order for Daysy to be able to determine when you ovulate, you merely have to take your temperature in the morning using Daysy. To do that, put Daysy's highly sensitive test prod underneath your tongue and measure for about 60 seconds, all while you are still in bed. After the measurement, Daysy might still ask you to confirm that you currently have your period. You do that with the push of a button and already, you're done! Daysy immediately displays your fertility status.

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.

If Daysy’s light flashes red, it means that you are currently fertile / possibly fertile and can get pregnant when having unprotected sex. During your infertile days, Daysy shows you a green light. On certain days Daysy will also show you a yellow light. This indicates that Daysy still has to get to know you better or that your cycle is currently a little irregular. You can treat these days just like red days and increase your chances for a quick pregnancy. So when do you ovulate? Watch out for when the red light is blinking. It tells you that you are ovulating.

When will I ovulate? Find out when you ovulate with software

There are many advantages to using Daysy. You save a lot of time on elaborate calculations of your fertile days. Daysy offers reliability when planning a baby. It can deliver a very precise result because of its highly developed software. Even with a very irregular cycle you can still use Daysy. Your cycle merely has to be between 19 and 40 days long. Determining when you ovulate with Daysy is particularly comfortable because you don't have to do anything apart from taking your morning temperature and entering your menstruation. No need to study your cervical mucus, measure the hormones in your blood or feel your cervix. This way, you have more time to focus on the nice things in life.

When will I ovulate? With Daysy, you can have your fertility data with you always

In order for you to know in advance when you will be ovulating and when your fertile days will be, Daysy has its own app for your smartphone. "DaysyDay" lets you preview your fertility during the next month in order to adjust your schedule and free time in accordance with it. The app also gives you insight into your current cycle data and displays your temperature curve. So if you are asking yourself „When do I ovulate?“, look no further than Daysy for the answer. Get to know your body and your cycle with the help of Daysy.

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.