The ovulation tracker Daysy - calculating ovulation made easy

Help a pregnancy along with the right timing!

Do you want to have a baby and are looking for ways to boost your natural chances for a pregnancy? Then Daysy is just right for you! Daysy is a highly modern ovulation tracker that can calculate your fertile and infertile days with a high accuracy based on your morning basal temperature. All you have to do is take your temperature underneath the tongue every morning before you get up. The measurement takes about 60 seconds. After that, Daysy might ask you to confirm that you are currently on your period. This too is done via the simple push of a button. Daysy then displays to you via a colourful light whether your are fertile or not.

A green light means that you are not fertile and it is highly unlikely for you to become pregnant. A yellow light means that Daysy still needs to get to know you a little better or that your cycle is slightly irregular. A red light means that you are currently fertile / possibly fertile and can become pregnant. Of course, Daysy also shows you when you are ovulating: In that case, the red light is blinking. To make the best use of your chances to become pregnant, you should have sexual intercourse with your partner on the red days, the day of your ovulation and also on the yellow days.

Perfect timing thanks to the ovulation tracker Daysy

For many couples with an unfulfilled wish to have a baby, there are no physical reasons that prevent a pregnancy. Rather, it is an issue of the right timing. In our modern and fast-paced world, undisturbed time for two can be quite rare. Conflicting schedules, various free time activities and countless other commitments can let sex fall by the wayside. This can be quite frustrating, in particular when you want to have a baby but the timing is just never right. Daysy makes timing much easier, because you will know exactly when it makes sense to schedule time for romance. 

To make it even easier for you, Daysy comes with an app for your smartphone: Daysys app "DaysyDay" displays your cycle calendar, your temperature curve and a practical preview of the next month. You can use this preview to schedule enough time with your partner during your upcoming fertile days.

Daysy ovulation tracker: easy and accurate

In order for you to be able to rely on Daysy as much as possible, five million female cycles were evaluated for Daysy's unique algorithm. For every measurement, Daysy works with the knowledge of this large database and can therefore display your fertile and infertile days. In addition to that, the ovulation tracker Daysy is equipped with a highly modern and extra sensitive test prod that enables very precise measuring and lets Daysy register even the smallest deviations in your temperature.

Use Daysy not only to know when you are ovulating, but also to learn more about your cycle and your body. You will notice that with the ovulation tracker Daysy, you will feel much closer to your body and your femininity.

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.