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Find all of your fertile days, with Daysy

When it comes to getting pregnant, timing is everything! There are just a handful of fertile days each cycle when it is possible to conceive. Daysy tells you when these fertile days fall each cycle and when you are most fertile, with the prediction of your ovulation day. You will have the information you need to plan a pregnancy with your partner.

How Daysy can help you conceive 

One study showed that 81% of couples who are tracking their fertility and timing intercourse on their fertile days will conceive within 6 months1.

Pregnancy rate

As it is not possible to conceive outside of the short fertile window each cycle, trying to conceive without fertility tracking can lead to frustration and disappointment. The journey can become stressful without the knowledge and tools you need to feel empowered and in control. 

Daysy, used alongside our companion app DaysyDay, makes knowing when you are in your short fertile window easy, simple, and stress-free. No OPKs, no pee strips, no complicated calculations, and no guessing - in around a minute a day, Daysy will tell you when it’s the right and the best time for you to conceive. Take the mess out of pregnancy planning, and just focus on the joy that awaits you.

With Daysy, you can focus on the journey with your partner and put the fun back into baby-making! No need to remember anything, count days or calculate, and no need to keep records and notes, because Daysy takes care of all that work for you. Our simple color-coded light system makes it super simple for you and your partner to know when is the time to conceive. Is it a red light? Then that’s the color of love! 

Daysy is backed by more than 30 years of research plus a unique algorithm that combines the data of 5 million menstrual cycles with your very own unique data. Simply take your basal body temperature under your tongue each morning and confirm your menstruation days. Daysy then calculates your fertile days and predicts your ovulation day. 

Daysy is a smart fertility tracker that can bring you closer to your baby - without any of the mental work or stress!

Track your fertility to get pregnant faster

One study revealed that the likelihood of conception in any one cycle when a couple has sexual intercourse one or more times on fertile days is just 27.7%. Couples who timed sexual intercourse close to ovulation had a far higher success rate, with 98% conceiving within 12 months. Research has shown us that timing within a few days of ovulation is essential to conception success rates. 

In our own survey of Daysy users, 63% reported they were able to conceive the first cycle they tried. A full 89% of those surveyed reported they conceived within just three months with Daysy. 

Getting successfully pregnant with Daysy

Daysy precisely identifies your unique ovulation and makes timing intercourse during your cycle simple and successful. 

Often, once we’ve made up our minds to get pregnant we’d like it to happen as soon as possible. Fertility tracking allows for more precise timing of conception and increases the likelihood that you will get pregnant faster. The power is in your hands with Daysy. 

Daysy works well with irregular cycles

If you have an irregular cycle or have discovered you have difficulty conceiving due to hormone imbalance issues, it is even more important to pinpoint your ovulation and most fertile days. 

If your partner has sperm motility or vitality issues, it is also most important that sexual intercourse is timed to coincide closely with the few days leading up to ovulation. 

Based on your basal body temperature data combined with Daysy’s unique algorithm, your fertile days are indicated with a red light and your predicted ovulation day is indicated with a flashing red light. This simple color coded system allows you and your partner to know when you can make a baby. 

Based on your temperature measurement every morning before getting up and the indication of whether you have your menstruation or not, Daysy shows you whether you are fertile/possibly fertile (red/yellow) or not (green). The predicted day of ovulation is signaled to you by a flashing red light. By means of this simple color system, you can see on which days you and your partner should find time to make a baby.

If you’re working with a fertility specialist, this data can be very valuable to them, and you can easily share your data via the DaysyDay app over email. 

DaysyDay app is the window into your fertility health

Daysy’s companion app, DaysyDay, allows you to view your past cycles and your future fertile days in your calendar. You can look back to exactly when you conceived, or look forward to when you need to make the time to try for a baby. Time your date night, vacation, or time at home to those most fertile days of your cycle so you don’t miss out. Plan ahead with your partner in a way that’s stress-free and simple. 

With DaysyDay, you have the option to track sexual intercourse, make any personal notes, input cervical fluid observations or pregnancy tests, so you have all of the information from your conception journey at your fingertips, right on your smartphone. Make planning a pregnancy clean and easy. Once you do conceive, consider it a journal of your baby’s first days. 

Detect a pregnancy with Daysy

Daysy uses your basal body temperature data to calculate your fertile days. This data can also indicate a potential pregnancy in the very early stages. When basal body temperature remains elevated for more than 18 days, Daysy registers a possibly successful conception. A second basal body temperature rise may occur as a result of the fertilized egg implantation into the uterine wall, usually 6-12 days after you ovulate. 

Daysy will indicate a possible pregnancy with all three lights (red, green, and yellow) flashing. Daysy will then indicate a more likely pregnancy with all lights solidly lit. DaysyDay will turn your temperature chart blue. This will allow you to know when it’s time to take a pregnancy test. The two week wait can be far less stressful when you have Daysy’s data to pinpoint and track the conception journey. 

Important: Daysy is not a pregnancy test. In order to confirm a pregnancy, please take a standard pregnancy test or consult your doctor.

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.

1) C Gnoth et. al. Hum Reprod. 2003 Sep;18(9):1959-66