How to get pregnant with Daysy?

Increase your chances for a pregnancy – with Daysy!

Of course you know the basics to getting pregnant. But many women who find themselves “trying“ for months without success begin to ask whether they might be doing something wrong or if something might be wrong with them. The answer to the question “How do I get pregnant?“ is thus not entirely obvious. If you observe your cycle for a certain while, you will notice that it is always approximately the same length and you ovulate on approximately the same day of your cycle. But nature is not that easy to calculate: fluctuations are entirely normal and it will not always be possible to have sex on the day you are ovulating. The good news is: you can also get pregnant during up to five days prior to your ovulation. The reason for that is that sperm can wait for the egg for in between three and five days inside your uterus or your fallopian tubes. You thus have roughly six days in every cycle during which you can conceive a baby.

how to get pregnant

Daysy helps you to determine those days as precisely as possible in order to boost your chances for quick conception. The answer to the question “How do I get pregnant?“ is this: Determine your fertile days with Daysy and have sex on those days, if possible, multiple times.

How to get pregnant with Daysy

Maybe you want to use natural contraception for a couple of months – after coming off the pill, for instance – to then get pregnant at a certain time. The information provided by Daysy about your fertility status will assist you with that too. Daysy shows you if you are fertile during the 24 hours after taking your temperature. You can use this information to either avoid having sex on your fertile days and prevent a pregnancy, or to consciously induce a pregnancy by having unprotected sex on those days.

With Daysy, you can give your body some time after a long stretch of being on the pill, and help it to develop a natural rhythm and break down the artificial hormones. As soon as you feel ready, you can immediately try to get pregnant with Daysy. Daysy is not just a menstrual cycle tracker, but an aid to a self-determined life.

How to get pregnant with an irregular cycle?

Women with a rather irregular cycle can find it particularly hard to make out the right timing for conception. The manual recording of temperature curves or the use of hormone rods is time-consuming, challenging and often frustrating. Family planning with Daysy is entirely different, because Daysy works on the basis of five million evaluated menstrual cycles and can determine the fertile and infertile days safely, even with an irregular cycle. When in doubt during an irregular cycle, Daysy will display additional days as red or yellow. It gives you the biggest chance for quick conception and at the same time, more room for your love life. On days that are displayed as “green“, you always know that you are not fertile and do not need to worry if you don't succeed in scheduling time with your partner.

For even better planning, the convenient app "DaysyDay" for your smartphone offers you a preview of next month’s cycle. You will know ahead during which time period you can expect to be fertile, and can plan your days accordingly. Make your dream of a baby come true in an all-natural manner with Daysy.


Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.