Menstrual cycle calculator Daysy: easy, quick and accurate

Discover how comfortably you can calculate your cycle with Daysy!

Are you looking for a menstrual calculator that lets you know when you are ovulating? Do you want to know reliably when your next period and your next ovulation will be? Then Daysy is just what you are looking for! Daysy is a highly modern menstrual cycle calculator that calculates your cycle. Daysy does not only show you when your next period will be, but also calculates your fertile and infertile days reliably and fast.

You can always rely on Daysy without having to draw temperature curves or analysing your cervical mucus. The only thing Daysy requires prior to getting up and entering whether your have your period. Nothing else.

Menstrual cycle calculator

Simply calculate your monthly cycle with Daysy

In order for Daysy to be able to show you every day whether you are currently fertile, simply use it to take your morning basal temperature by activating it and placing its sensitive test prod underneath your tongue. Stay in bed while you wait for about 60 seconds for the measurement to finish. Daysy might then ask you to confirm that you currently have your period. That too is done via the simple and quick push of a button. Already Daysy has all she needs to calculate your fertility.

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.

Right away, the result is displayed via a colourful light. If Daysy's green light is on, it means that you are not fertile for the current day. On your green days it is highly unlikely to get pregnant. If, however, the red light is on, you are currently fertile – and if the red light is flashing, you are highly fertile and currently ovulating. During red days you can get pregnant at any time. 

Daysy's menstrual cycle calculator: accuracy through science

Daysy's accuracy has a solid scientific basis: More than three decades of research and development were necessary to make Daysy the safe device that it is. For the development of its unique algorithm, 5 million female cycles were recorded and evaluated. Beyond that, the LadyComp has successfully been using Daysy's software for many years and proven its value. 

Did you know that every woman can only get pregnant during a maximum of six days of her cycle? Only on the day of ovulation, as well as up to five days prior, is conception even possible, because the egg can only be fertilized for up to 18 hours after ovulation. If no fertilization takes place during this time, no pregnancy will ensue. The reason for your additional fertile days is that sperm can wait for the egg inside the fallopian tubes for several days. Once the fertile period has passed, you will not be fertile until your next fertile phase.

Daysy lets you know when your fertile and infertile phases are happening. To get pregnant, you can use your knowledge to increase your chances for a pregnancy by having sex at the right time. Regardless of your situation, you can use the menstrual cycle calculator Daysy in a way that fits your individual life and plans.

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.