Fertility tracking, together: 
A Daysy workshop for couples

February 12th at 11am PST

Learn more about fertility awareness and femtech 

In this free, 1 hour workshop we share the knowledge you need to start cycle tracking as a couple. Hosted by Holly Grigg-Spall, who will present and take all of your questions. 

Is your partner anxious about the accuracy of Daysy? Do they need to hear the science behind the colors? Or do you need support in how to share responsibility and communicate your fertility status? 

We will also share tips on using the DaysyDay Partner app and specific support for those couples trying to conceive.


This class is for you if:

  • You recently purchased Daysy or are considering switching to Daysy
  • You are a long time or short term user and would like your partner to be more involved in the process or to feel more confident about Daysy
  • You are hoping to conceive soon or in the future 
  • You’re both interested in fertility awareness, but you’re super busy and need a quick primer
  • You want to educate your partner in your own time, and would like advice on what and how to share 

What you’ll learn:

  • Menstrual cycle 101
  • What to expect when going off hormonal birth control
  • The male hormone cycle vs the female hormone cycle 
  • Period trackers app vs femtech for fertility awareness: know the difference 
  • Intro to the Fertility Awareness basics
  • What is the Fertility Tracker Method and how accurate is it?
  • How your partner can use the DaysyDay Partner app
  • The relationship benefits of using Daysy
  • Planning to conceive as a couple


How you’ll access this class:

  • Sign up to receive the details via email
  • Click the link and join via Zoom when the class starts
  • You can choose to share your video or just sit back and listen 
  • Open q&a throughout the class via video or via chat box


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The session won’t be recorded to maintain a private and safe space.


You can join the class via the following ways:

  • Downloading the Zoom app (client) for Windows or Mac.
  • Installation of the iOS app on Apple mobile devices
  • Installation of the ANDROID app for Android mobile devices
  • Participation via web browser (click on the link in the confirmation email)