Discover your power by tracking your cycle

Learn more about fertility awareness and femtech 

Gather for this free, one-hour, live workshop in which you’ll get intimate access to the knowledge you need to start cycle tracking and be able to ask all of your important questions about periods, cycles, fertility, and hormones. Chat directly with an expert who can give you immediate feedback and guidance. 

Not sure if cycle tracking is the right choice for you? Overwhelmed by the options for femtech and apps? Confused by fertility awareness information and need an easy, fun way in? 

Whether you want to take control of your fertility or just want to know what the heck is up with your hormones, this class will cover what you need to know, wherever you are on your journey. 

This class is for you if:

  • You recently came off hormonal birth control or are considering this step
  • You are hoping to conceive soon or in the future 
  • You are working towards healing your cycles
  • You’re interested in fertility awareness, but you’re super busy! 
  • You want to educate your teen, your friends, or your partner 

What you’ll learn:

  • Menstrual cycle awareness 101 
  • Fertility myths vs Fertility facts 
  • Period trackers app vs femtech for fertility awareness: know the difference 
  • Intro to the Fertility Awareness basics
  • What is the Fertility Tracker Method? 
  • Cycle tracking and your health: it’s much more than just periods 
  • Femtech for fertility and your relationship: creating a partnership
  • The Daysy details: how to use Daysy to meet your cycle and fertility goals 
  • The secret benefits of tracking your cycle 

Watch here our complete last workshop for free: