Calculating your period and cycle with a period tracker

Discover the advantages of Daysy and get to know your cycle!

Knowing your own cycle and the onset of your next period has many advantages. It not only becomes easier to plan your free time, but you can also use your knowledge for contraception or to plan a pregnancy. If your cycle is very regular, it is quite easy to predict when your next period will come. To plan your free time or to boost your chances for quick conception, knowing this is usually enough. However, if you want to determine your fertile days to get pregnant, you should not rely on the “calendar method“. Even with a very regular cycle, your ovulation can shift as a result of factors such as stress. It is much simpler, more precise, and significantly safer to track your period and cycle with Daysy!

Daysy is a highly sophisticated period tracker that can determine your fertile days with only your morning basal temperature and entering whether your have your period. The basis for this is Daysy's unique algorithm that has been developed over many years of research. Daysy's software has been in use for many years and has proven itself thousands of times.

Period tracker

Irregular periods? Track your periods easily with a period tracker!

If your period is very irregular, Daysy can help you to get closer to your body and no longer feel surprised by what it does. Even with an irregular period it is possible for Daysy to determine your fertile and infertile phases. External fluctuations in your cycle can cause Daysy to show you fewer green days. After the first three months with Daysy, she will know your cycle well enough to display more green days to you. If your cycle is permanently very irregular, you can also talk to your gynaecologist about specific supplements or natural ways to contribute to stabilizing it. Because Daysy tracks your cycle with the help of your basal temperature, supplements have no influence on the measurements.

When planning a pregnancy, an irregular cycle is particularly hindering, because it makes the right timing more complicated. With Daysy you can boost your chances for quick conception, because Daysy shows you when you are fertile and when you are ovulating.

Calculate your period and your cycle

If you want to use your knowledge about your cycle, your period and your ovulation, the period tracker Daysy is your ideal assistant. When using Daysy, you can dispense with the common methods of natural family planning such as rectal or vaginal measuring of your temperature, examining your cervical mucus, feeling your cervix, or testing the hormones in your morning urine. All Daysy needs from you is your morning basal temperature and entering whether you have your period. That's it. It lets you know every day whether you are currently fertile and should be using contraception, without requiring much of your time. With Daysy you get to know your body and your cycle and can still rely on the modern measurement and the sophisticated calculation.

With Daysy, calculating your period and ovulation is easy, simple and accurate. Discover more about how Daysy can support you on your all-natural path and free of hormones!

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.