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March 2017

Simply Liv and Co

Simply Liv and Co 03/27/2017

Let's Chat about Birth Control - Part Two

Although *thankfully* the topic of fertility and birth control is getting more and more mainstream attention in recent years, I think most women still feel a lot of pressure when it comes to taking "the pill" and either aren't aware of or don't feel comfortable considering the other options available to them.

February 2017

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Naturopathic Doctor 02/28/2017

Does Fertility Awareness Method Work?

Before we dive in I want to say this — many people, including doctors, are quick to dismiss this method, claiming that women are too lazy or too easily confused by their own bodies to successfully use this method.

I disagree.

My experience is that women are motivated to understand their body and prevent pregnancy. And I would argue that the only person who truly understands your body is you. Instead of dismissing women, doctors should be teaching them how their body works and the signs and symptoms of healthy hormones.

January 2017

Modern Wanderer Blog

Modern Wanderer Blog 01/29/2017

Natural Bith Control? ((Daysy Update & Commonly Asked Questions))

I am back to share how our relationship is going thus far. We’re nearly three months in and the newlywed phase hasn’t ended. I am so grateful that we found each other. My hormones are regulating themselves since getting my IUD out and I am finally feeling like myself again!

December 2016


cycledork 12/27/2016


As I mentioned in part 1 of my review I’m not generally interested in new technological devices. The “newest thing” is generally about making money by selling people technologies that they don’t need. After reading about Daysy and then trying it myself, I can honestly say that in my opinion Daysy is different. Daysy is designed to empower the consumers (women) by helping them to understand their own bodies and their own power.

Simply Live & Co

Simply Live & Co 12/12/2016

Let's Chat About Birth Control

...Taking that pill every morning felt wrong but I didn't really see any other way around it, if we didn't want to get pregnant.

Until I heard about Daysy.

November 2016


PCMag 11/17/2016

Trying to Conceive? 7 High-Tech Fertility Monitors to Try

For at least the length of recorded history, humans have been attempting to plan and prevent pregnancy. From the practice of drinking lead in hopes of preventing pregnancy in ancient China, to dumping water on women to boost fertility in Hungary, there's always some wives' tale circulating about how women can harness their reproductive cycle.

Modern Wanderer

Modern Wanderer 11/07/2016

Daysy - My Path To a Natural Pregnancy Preventer

I read their entire site through and through, trying to find something about this little device that could be flawed, but I couldn’t find a thing. The people over at Daysy are extremely transparent about what their device does and I was digging it.

Kelly Brogan, MD

Kelly Brogan, MD 11/03/2016

The Pill and Your Mood

What if I told you that a product is available that can interfere with your hormones to the extent that your daily and monthly rhythms are no longer operational? And because you will no longer have functional brain to ovary signaling, you will likely avoid conceiving if you have sex during what would otherwise have been your 6 fertile days a month. Of course this product’s hormonal effects also leave you with the sense that everything is stable and predictable which is something like turning the white noise up so loud that you don’t hear your own baby crying.

Cora Life

Cora Life 11/03/2016

Discovering a Natural Birth Control Method I Actually Trust

Two years ago, when I met my current boyfriend, and knew it was going to be more than a fling, we had a serious conversation about birth control… together (a very new experience for me). I told him that I had serious reservations about getting back on the pill, primarily because at that point in my life, after a serious bout of Lyme’s Disease and subsequent thyroid issues that put my hormones totally out of whack, I was just trying to get my body back to neutral. In truth, there was also something liberating about feeling that my body and my cycle had, for the first time since I was 15, been occurring naturally for several years without any influence from synthetic chemicals or hormones.

October 2016

Expedition Joy blog

Expedition Joy blog 10/28/2016

Birth Control: You Have Another Choice

Now I had looked into a few Pinterest articles that talked about women learning their menstrual cycle and learning days they are fertile and not. While this sounded like a great (and free) option, I didn’t feel comfortable trusting a few websites, and myself, to tell me what days I wasn’t going to get pregnant. Nope, do not want to be pregnant right now. All hope was lost, but we felt like there was still something missing…another, better option. Then I stumbled upon a Facebook article about a birth control method called Daysy.

Nat Kringroudis: Inspiring Wellness

Nat Kringroudis: Inspiring Wellness 10/27/2016

Is This The Solution To Your Pregnancy Prevention?

It’s non synthetic and it’s 99.3% effective. You’re going to want to check this out!
If you’re in the market for an alternative to synthetic contraception, this post is especially for you.

Culture Trip

Culture Trip 10/12/2016

The Pill May Be Wrecking Your Health

It has revolutionized women’s sexual and reproductive agency – but the birth control pill has a dark side. In light of a recent study linking the tiny tablet to depression, we explore the potential health fallout for a generation who came of age during a hormonal contraceptive boom.

The Guardian

The Guardian 10/03/2016

The pill is linked to depression - and doctors can no longer ignore it

A newly published study from the University of Copenhagen has confirmed a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression. The largest of its kind, with one million Danish women between the ages of 15 and 34 tracked for a total of 13 years, it’s the kind of study that women such as me, who have experienced the side-effects of birth control-induced depression first hand, have been waiting for.

September 2016

BravoTV - Manzod With Children

BravoTV - Manzod With Children 09/18/2016

Daysy makes her Prime Time TV debut!

Lauren Is Ready to Have a Baby!
And has bought everything she needs to help get this process going.


cycledork 09/13/2016

I’ve never been one to get all excited about the latest technological gadgets. It took me forever to get an iPhone and my laptop is six years old (and still works great by the way thank you!). So when I first heard about Daysy a year or so ago I wasn’t particularly interested.

April 2016


Mercatornet 04/27/2016

The rise and rise of natural family planning

All the way back in 2010 Laura Wershler, executive director of Sexual Health Access Alberta (formerly known as Planned Parenthood Alberta), lamented the lack of knowledge in her field regarding natural family planning and cited the trend toward natural products, better health and environmentalism as women looked for alternatives to hormonal contraception.

March 2016


Beauterus 03/26/2016

Review: Daysy Fertility Monitor

I’ve been charting my cycles on and off for about five years now, but around 6 months ago I read about a device which revolutionised the world of natural birth control. She’s known as Daysy, and this nifty little tool is an incredibly clever machine which combines technology and natural methods.

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette 03/04/2016

From Birth Control to Body Literacy: The Power of the Pro-Period Movement
Ricki Lake, Abby Epstein & Holly Grigg-Spall
The technology industry has stepped up where the pharmaceutical industry has failed to offer anything more than variations in delivery of the same synthetic hormone-based treatments.

February 2016

Hormones Matter

Hormones Matter 02/23/2016

Blood Clots, Birth Control and Female Athletes: Are We Missing Important Risk Factors?
Over the last several years, stories of young women, many of them athletes (here, here, here), suffering from dangerous and sometimes deadly blood clots have filled the press and academic literature (here, here, here, here). Often mentioned in passing is the fact that these women were taking hormonal contraceptives at the time of the event.

The Dr. Poppy Show

The Dr. Poppy Show 02/21/2016

Menstrual Cycles

Dr. Poppy discusses the menstrual cycle as a vital sign. The menstrual cycle is very indicative of a woman's hormonal and over-all health.

November 2015


Romper 11/05/2015

Should You Use A Fertility Monitor As Birth Control? I Do, & This Is What It’s Like
OK, modern women of the world, think fast and answer me this riddle: What is a married mother of four who really needs reliable birth control but doesn’t want to be on hormones and has no desire to stick a piece of copper into her uterus to do when it comes to family planning?

October 2015


mindbodygreen 10/31/2015

The Pill Almost Ruined My Marriage. Here's What I Wish More Women Knew About Hormonal Birth Control
Author, Holly Grigg-Spall shares why she got off the pill and started using daysy.


GreenMedinfo 10/27/2015

Natural Birth Control as Effective as the Pill
With evidence mounting of the adverse effects of the birth control pill and hormonal contraceptives, women are ditching the drugs in droves and searching for a natural alternative that can equal the pill in effectiveness and convenience.

Everyday Family

Everyday Family 10/26/2015

The Truth About Using Natural Family Planning For Birth Control
“I wish people knew that FAM is actually scientifically based, and that knowing more about your fertility and how things like hormonal birth control, foods we eat, and our habits (like sleep, caffeine consumption, stress, etc) affect our cycles,” notes FAM user Lauren Halcik

July 2015 07/01/2015

Questioning Birth Control Is Not Anti-Feminist
Ricki Lake is at it again, doing what she did for hospital birth in "The Business of Being Born," now with hormonal birth control. This time, she's looking to put the mainstream idea that hormonal birth control is best for women to the test, with her documentary, "Sweetening the Pill," based off of the similarly named popular book.

April 2015

Fit Pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy 04/30/2015

The 10 Best Fertility Apps for 2015
TTC? There's an app for that. In fact, the fertility app space has never been, well, more fertile. One of these 10 picks may help you conceive this year.

March 2015

Mommy Greenest

Mommy Greenest 03/30/2015

Mommy Greenest Approved: daysy Fertility Monitoring System
More effective than the Pill.
The future of contraception?

Measuring Flower

Measuring Flower 03/20/2015

Introducing the Daysy Fertility Monitor
Come discover Daysy--an innovative, compact, easy-to-use, accurate fertility monitor.


WomensForum 03/16/2015

The New "No Pill" Birth Control Method
There are two scientifically proven ways to detect fertility in a women. One is the rhythm method, which tracks your menstrual cycles, so you can abstain from unprotected vaginal sex when you’re most likely to become pregnant. The other is symptom-based awareness. Basal body temperatures, cervical mucus and cervical position can be monitored to determine fertility.

February 2015

mHealth Spot

mHealth Spot 02/22/2015

Interview with Valley Electronics LLC's COO, Jessica Griger

The company makes daysy, a smart, mobile-connected fertility management solution that tracks ovulation cycles with a sleek basal body thermometer.

A Little Crunchy

A Little Crunchy 02/17/2015

Daysy Fertility Monitor – To help conceive or not!

January 2015

Fit Bottomed Mamas

Fit Bottomed Mamas 01/28/2015

A High-Tech Fertility Awareness Method for Family Planning — Or “No More Family” Planning

Sweet T Makes Three

Sweet T Makes Three 01/21/2015

Daysy Fertility Monitor: Complete Fertility Management!

well + GOOD

well + GOOD 01/19/2015

Why more women are ditching the pill—and turning to “natural” birth control

Green Child Magazine

Green Child Magazine 01/16/2015

Getting Pregnant Naturally

Shop With Me Momma

Shop With Me Momma 01/13/2015

Daysy Fertility Monitor: Natural Fertility Management

Health Tech Weekly

Health Tech Weekly 01/12/2015

Daysy Fertility Thermometer and Smartphone App Help You Get Pregnant

Eighty MPH Mom

Eighty MPH Mom 01/09/2015

Whether you want to prevent a pregnancy, or plan a pregnancy, the daysy fertility monitor might just be the perfect monitor for you!

24/7 Moms

24/7 Moms 01/07/2015

Meet Daysy ~ The New Fertility Monitor

Outnumbered 3 to 1

Outnumbered 3 to 1 01/05/2015

Daysy Offers Fertility Management

Shape Magazine

Shape Magazine 01/05/2015

3 Apps to Make Natural Family Planning Easier
Women's Health: NFP Apps Upgrade Your Natural Birth Control

Mom Blog Society

Mom Blog Society 01/02/2015

Daysy for Women

December 2014

Women's Health

Women's Health 12/16/2014

Can a Thermometer Replace Your Birth Control?


Bustle 12/12/2014

The Daysy Fertility Monitor, and Other Apps Like It, May Change the Way You Approach Birth Control


Mashable 12/11/2014

Old-school birth control methods get a big data update

The Atlantic

The Atlantic 12/09/2014

Return of the Rhythm Method
Tired of condoms and the Pill, many women are turning to new apps that help them practice one of the oldest forms of contraception.

November 2014

Fox News

Fox News 11/30/2014

7 gadgets and apps to improve your fertility

Organic Olivia

Organic Olivia 11/20/2014

Why I Use a German Computer Instead of Birth Control Pills

Little Crunchy

Little Crunchy 11/12/2014

Holiday Gift Guide
Designed for women looking to plan OR prevent pregnancy, daysy is a perfect gift idea for women looking to cleanse their lifestyles in 2015 and manage their health more proactively, through gaining a better understanding of their body’s natural cycles.


sheknows 11/06/2014

Hormonal birth control might not be your best choice

October 2014


ChipChick 10/27/2014

Am I Pregnant? Tech for That Time of the Month

tiny blue lines

tiny blue lines 10/24/2014

Meet Daysy: The New All Natural Birth Control


medGadget 10/21/2014

Daysy Oral Thermometer for Menstrual Cycle Tracking to Help Women Manage Pregnancies


Refinery29 10/10/2014

Here's A Creative Way To Make Birth Control More Effective


mHealthSpot 10/08/2014

Fertiliy management solution Daysy now available in the U.S.
The system consists of an innovative thermometer and an accompanying app to measure basal body temperature orally and track women's ovulation cycles.