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100 word company description

Daysy is a primarily female-staffed, global company with 30 years of experience in the world of fertility technology. Valley Electronics, the parent company, developed their first product, the Lady-Comp, in the 1980s. The Lady-Comp is currently the most popular fertility monitor internationally. Daysy, the company’s second product, is the brainchild of CEO Natalie Rechberg, and makes the original, trusted technology compatible with your smartphone via the DaysyView app. Daysy is committed to providing women with intelligent, effective, and easy solutions for fertility tracking.

30 word company description

Daysy is committed to creating smart, accurate, science-supported and most importantly, easy-to-use solutions for women who want to track their fertility. With Daysy the company seeks to provide empowering, woman-centric choices in the field of fertility.






Twitter: @daysyusa
Instagram: @daysyfertilitytracker
Facebook: /daysy.fertility.monitor
Youtube: /daysyeu

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Daysy Fertility Thermometer and Smartphone App Help You Get Pregnant

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Fertiliy management solution Daysy now available in the U.S.
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