Prevent Pregnancy with Daysy Fertility Calculator

Daysy shows you the days you are fertile or not. To prevent pregnancy, use a hormone-free barrier method during your fertile days.

Not every woman is looking to conceive, and we hear you if you’re one of these women. There are multitudes of different types of contraception on the market today, but often, the traditional avenues are not for everyone. The Daysy Fertility Calculator is an alternative to traditional contraceptive methods for those who prefer the Fertility Awareness Method or non-hormonal birth control.

Daysy is a fertility calculator that makes predicting your fertile days much easier than the other forms of natural family planning available. Preventing pregnancy with Daysy is easy-- all you need to do is take your basal body temperature every morning when you wake up, enter your menstrual data, and then you are ready to go! Daysy handles the rest. Women are only fertile 6 days out of every cycle; there’s no need for hormonal birth control the entire month.

Follow daysy’s simple color coding system and you’ll always be on the safe side.

If daysy shows you a green light it means that you are not fertile and you can enjoy moments with your partner completely carefree.

When the daysy fertility calculator lights red, you are in your fertile period and must use a barrier method of contraception-- condoms, a diaphragm, or a sponge to be safe.

Daysy provides the same level of security and peace of mind as the majority of hormonal methods of birth control, but offers an escape from the side effects of hormonal contraceptives. Daysy also does not influence or change your cycle in any way.


The Daysy Fertility Calculator allows you to be the unique and perfect woman that you are!

Warning: Hormones not only change your cycle, but can also affect your libido. So if you suddenly feel an unknown irresistible desire to be intimate with your partner, then that is normal, and the only side effect you may have to keep an eye on when using daysy.