How the stress and excitement of the holiday season can affect your cycle


With Daysy, tracking your cycle during the holidays is one less thing you have to worry about

Holiday season is here ladies! Many of you may be traveling to enjoy festivities with family and friends, which can become quite hectic. Travelling can be very stressful, from packing to catching flights. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can take a toll on our bodies, especially our sleep schedules. When traveling, it's important to be aware that disruptions in sleep patterns or our circadian rhythm have an impact on our reproductive system. 

Our circadian rhythm, also known as our internal clock, is defined as "an endogenous rhythm with a period of approximately 24 hours that is entrainable, persists in the absence of external time cues, and is temperature compensated."(1) Disruptions in circadian rhythms have been shown to increase the risk of chronic illnesses, impact the central nervous system, as well as reproductive systems.(2,3) The body of evidence around the impact of disruptions in circadian rhythm on the menstrual cycle and women’s health is growing.(4)

Although research is lacking around the causal relationship between fertility and circadian rhythm disruptions, observational studies have shown there to be an association. A study of over 71,000 nurses, age 28-45, not using hormonal contraceptives, investigated how menstrual cycle regularity is affected by rotating work schedules. Results showed that irregular menstrual cycles were more common for women working 20+ months of rotating work schedules (adjusted RR = 1.23 [CI = 1.14–1.33]). These nurses reported having more menstrual cycles less than 21 days or more than 40 days. This observational survey showed that disruptions in sleep patterns or altered melatonin production may affect cyclic regularity of the menstrual cycle.(5)

The excitement (or stress) of being with family during the holidays, changes in diet, and changes in sleep schedules all put a strain on our bodies, especially our menstrual cycles. During this busy time it’s important to continue tracking the changes in your fertility. Fertility tracking devices track signs, symptoms, and/or changes in basal body temperature to help identify changes in fertility status throughout the menstrual cycle.

Daysy is an innovative fertility tracking device unlike any other. Based on established fertility awareness-based evidence and sophisticated statistical methods, Daysy is a basal body temperature (BBT) measuring device that uses calculothermal approaches to provide women with fertility information by estimating the time of ovulation. Women use Daysy by measuring their BBT immediately after waking up but before getting out of bed. The device also requires users to confirm menstruation. Daysy provides the user with personalized fertility information through easy to understand LED-lights that flash red (fertile), green (infertile), and yellow (learning phase). With this information, women can make informed decisions whenever or wherever they are. 

Daysy is small, discreet, and easy for travel, a necessity for the holiday season.

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With Daysy, your menstrual and reproductive health is one less thing you have to worry about during the holiday season, allowing you to enjoy this time with family and friends.

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Author: Liya Haile