On National Stress Awareness Day, take the stress out of fertility tracking. Let go and let Daysy!

Don´t stress

Don’t Stress, Invest in Yourself with Daysy 

On National Stress Awareness Day, take the stress out of fertility tracking with Daysy. Among all the things you may stress about from work to family to class, your reproductive health does not have to be one of them. 

Stress can manifest in many different forms and have an effect on both your mental and physical health. 

Higher stress levels causes an increase in the glucocorticoid stress hormone which targets and lowers gonadotropin releasing hormones (GnRH) in the brain, therefore leading to downstream effects on reproductive health pathways. This in turn may impact the timing of ovulation and women’s ability to identify when in their cycle they are fertile or infertile. Studies have also found that high stress levels are associated with menstrual cycle irregularities.(1, 2) 

Variation in cycle length may make it difficult to keep track of periods and fertility, which undoubtedly may cause even more stress. Take the worry out of fertility tracking with Daysy. It’s a simple and easy-to use device, developed through statistical modeling and data from real women to provide a personalized fertility status based on a woman’s basal body temperature measurements and menstrual data. Use Daysy in the morning to measure your basal body temperature under your tongue and enter if you have your period. Daysy automatically calculates your fertility status for you. 

In addition, it is well documented that women are more likely than men (28% vs 20%) to report having a great deal of stress.(3) In an intimate relationship, it’s important to practice effective communication strategies to manage stress for positive and healthy decision-making. Daysy can help facilitate conversations around fertility and how to best achieve your desired reproductive goal. After measuring your BBT with Daysy, you can show your partner your fertility status through easy to understand LED-lights that flash red (fertile), green (infertile), and yellow (learning phase). 

Based on this daily personalized fertility information, couples can discuss how to adjust their behavior during the menstrual cycle, which can alleviate stress around decision-making. Knowledge is power and with the power of Daysy, you can feel empowered. Let go and let Daysy!

Daysy - Your personal fertility tracker (incl. app DaysyDay)
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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.

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Author: Liya Haile