Ovulation calculator for pregnancy

With Daysy you can calculate your fertile days simply and accurately!

Are you looking for an ovulation calendar to help you determine the timing of your ovulation as exactly as possible? Then the fertility computer Daysy is just what you were looking for. Daysy calculates your fertile and infertile days as well as your ovulation day for you. All you need to do is take your basal temperature every morning and enter whether you have your period. Hold Daysy's test prod underneath your tongue while you're still lying in bed, wait about 60 seconds for the measurement to finish, and let Daysy show you the result right away. This simple and exact determination of your fertile days is possible because of Daysy‘s highly developed algorithm that is based on five million evaluated female cycles. Over 30 years of research and studies are contained in the software, making it the very safe ovulation calculator that it is.

Ovulation calculation

Simple to use - compact design

Daysy was developed for women who want to determine their fertile and infertile days without having to make difficult calculations or collecting lots of data. Its design is compact and intuitive for extra simple use. Daysy fits into every purse, which makes her ideally suited for a busy lifestyle. Daysy is so simple to use, you will soon be able to use it while you are still half-asleep. The display of the result is straightforward and unambiguous. If you are currently fertile, you will see a red light. On the day you are ovulating, the red light is blinking. If you are not currently fertile, you will see a green light. On some days, most probably in the beginning of your use, Daysy will also display a yellow light. This means that Daysy is still getting to know your cycle, or that your cycle is currently irregular. Simply treat yellow days like red days. This means, to get pregnant you should also have unprotected sex on yellow days.

Plan a baby with the ovulation calculator

Daysy helps you to fulfill your wish for a baby as quickly as possible. Every pregnancy is about the right timing. Your only chance at getting pregnant quickly is to have – if possible – frequent unprotected intercourse on your fertile days. Without an ovulation calculator, you would have to estimate the exact ovulation timing and your fertile days, and that is very imprecise. Alternatively, you could also make your own calculations, but you would have to invest a lot of time.

Not with Daysy! Daysy lets you know every day whether or not you are currently fertile. You can rely on its accuracy every day. If you want to plan even better, Daysy comes with the free app "DaysyDay" available for download. Install it on your smartphone and learn even more about your cycle. The app shows you all the information about your current cycle and displays a prognosis of next month’s cycle. It allows you to adjust your free time to your fertile days and make time for romance. "DaysyDay" also offers you the possibility to take notes and insert additional data, such as when you have had sex. This makes it easy to look back and see whether you had sex on your fertile days, allowing you to make a better estimate of your chances for a pregnancy. With the ovulation calculator Daysy, the calculation of your fertile and infertile days becomes easy and effortless!

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.