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Daysy + Book "Fix Your Period"

*with expert Nicole Jardim*
Nicole is a certified Health and Functional Nutrition Coach.

Fix your period problems by taking part in her specialized program.

There are two different tracks to the “Fix Your Period” program - once you have purchased access to the program Nicole will be in touch via email to find out which track is right for you.


Fix your period course – Track I

Suffering related to your menstrual cycle is unnecessary… and most definitely NOT normal. This innovative program will guide you through an easy step-by-step process to treat the root cause of your symptoms, so you can have normal, healthy periods again – without pills or surgery.

*Track 1 is right for you if:*
 - You struggle each month with physical and emotional PMS symptoms
 - You have long (more than 7 days), heavy, or painful periods that disrupt your life
 - You have cycles that are less than 25 days long or “breakthrough” bleeding
 - You have been diagnosed with endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, or infertility


Fix your period course – Track II

While PMS is a huge problem for millions of women, there are just as many who suffer from incredibly irregular periods or no periods at all. The common causes are hormonal contraceptives, excess stress, lack of nutrients, or over-exercising.

This unique program contains the most up-to-date solutions available to treat the root cause of your symptoms so you can bring it all back: a regular period, your sexy, your energy, your healthy glow, and your peace of mind.

*Track 2 is right for you if:*
 - You have not had a period for more than 3 months, or you ovulate sporadically
 - You have short (2 days or less), light, or very irregular periods
 - You have cycles that are more than 35 days long
 - You have been diagnosed with amenorrhea, low ovarian reserve, PCOS, or infertility


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*Within one week of your purchase you will receive an email from Nicole with access to the first module of your course.

Get Daysy and Nicole Jardim´s "Fix Your Period" and save money.

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