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We at Daysy know the importance of supporting women who want and need to make the transition from hormone-based to hormone-free family planning by tracking their fertile days. That's why we pride ourselves in providing great customer care to all our Daysy Ovulation Kit users. We are here for each and every one of you, via a range of communication methods (Facebook, phone, email, via our DaysyView app), to help you understand Daysy and to understand your body and cycle better.

For many, finding and starting with Daysy, can be the beginning of learning much more about your menstrual cycle, your fertile days, and your health. The data Daysy collects and analyzes is both revealing and enlightening. We are here to support you in this journey - whatever it entails.

We also understand that some women want additional support on their journey - so Daysy makes your journey of tracking your fertile days that much easier with a team of nutritionists, holistic health practitioners, and functional medicine experts at your beck and call. Our fertility experts have knowledge that is deeper, broader, and more specific than the information offered by our customer care services. Here at Daysy, we have teamed up with carefully selected health coaches and fertility experts who have the experience with helping women with their reproductive health that you need for your journey.

Daysy offers a number of opportunities to make your fertile days tracking simple and streamlined by purchasing easily accessible online programs and consults with our team of fertility experts at a significant discount to our customers who have purchased the Daysy Ovulation Kit. Those who have purchased a Daysy can also purchase support packages customized to fit their personal goals. We are also offering our existing clients access to this valuable resource.

We have designed these support packages to help women that have the most common problems with their fertility cycles; specifically, women who are transitioning off of hormonal contraceptives, going for natural family planning methods after pregnancy, or looking to find long-term management of menstrual health issues without using the pill. This additional layer of support for tracking your fertile days can assist you in getting the most out of your Daysy, gain a better understanding of your body, and experience better fertility cycles; a better period every month, and better health.


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